Transmission Accelerated!

Those of you in tune with our particular occult frequencies have probably noticed an anomaly in your supply of the Liberation Industries Roleplaying Podcast.

Please do not be alarmed, and do not adjust your set.

I am referring to the bonus episode of our Werewolf game that appeared this week. Turns out that we have just enough bandwidth to be giving you three episodes a month, and that rather neatly rounded out our second session of Crescent Coast.

You may also have noticed that our Werewolf game is… well, to quote Alex’s player “Do we have to turn into Werewolves? Can’t we just keep playing high school?” What I’m getting at is that our approach to the World of Darkness tends to be incredibly slice of life, and on that note you may have noticed a bit of a lack of traditional Werewolf shenanigans in the first couple of sessions.

This is about to change, and on that note we’re going to spend the next few issues with the Crescent Head kids, before moving on to some other games to give you all a bit of variety. Unless I come into a lot of money, we’ll only get three issues a month, but that’s about all I can edit, so as much as I love you imaginary listeners, that’s what you get.

Otherwise, its been great to see all this imaginary activity. If you like what you hear, please feel free to leave a comment, tell your friends, or offer up your worship in that weird space in the corner of a room that forms when you cross your eyes.

Keep on rockin’,



Pic is CIMG8344.JPG by simon thomas on Flickr. CC A/SA


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