Heya gorgeous listeners.

It’s been a wild ride, but after a few years inattention, an expired bank card and no notice from my hosting service to update them… the Liberation Industries podcast servers have gone down.

We’re discussing the best ways to move forward, and the winter may yet see a revival of activity under some form but we’ll have to keep you posted on that. If you find yourself needing an old episode for whatever reason just reach out in the comments, on Twitter or by email at theliberationindustries@gmail.com

The places we’ve gone, and the people we’ve met through this project have been amazing. See y’all I’m the future, whatever form it takes.

Best, Paddy

Attractive Youtube Content!

Heya folks!

Its been maybe a year worth of trying, hard slog and strangely cursed content that was just desperate to never be released into the world, but we have our Youtube channel up and running with both some epic Ruralpunk content and our human faces! Look at those expressive mugs!

Additionally, it features some behind the scenes footage of Paddy making cocktails, just in case you were wondering how the Liberation Industries crew got the way they are.

More content lands tomorrow, so get excited!


Skyfarer Ep 3: Ramming Speed Pt 3

The grand, grim, wildly ambiguous conclusion to our Skyfarer game, as the crew of the Aeschylus’ Turtle approach Old Tom’s Well at the end, and the beginning, of their journey.

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Skyfarer is a game by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, allowing you to have your own adventures in the Sunless Skies. Get out there you wild explorers!

Pic is Betelgeuse Alfa Orionis) nebula by Giuseppe Donatiello on Flickr, Public Domain.


Heya folks!

For those of you who don’t know, Melbourne International Games Week is running this Sunday, and in addition to a robust catalogue of board games that you can play from the comfort of your own living room (that’s right! It’s online this year! Thanks, the Plague!) they have also recruited the team from Arcanacon to get some epic tabletop rpgs running.

So come check out some awesome Australian made indie games, including Storybrewers’ Villagesong, an early version of our pal Logan’s Preparing for Paris, or the much awaited Goblins of Zarth!

Not only that, but Paddy and Lee will be appearing on a panel about being the best rpgamer you can be, and you wouldn’t wanna miss that now would you?

Details and Sign Up here!

Skyfarer Ep 2: Ramming Speed Pt 2

With their initial destination reached, the crew of the turtle do their best to navigate the wilds of the Reach, the complex relations between the different claimants to hegemony of the sky, and the twists and turns of their own fraying sanity.

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The role of Leymar the Loquacious Signaller was filled without warning by local celebrity Alex Harker. You can find more of his works at https://www.storytelleraustralia.com/, or on his YouTube page.


Pic is Betelgeuse Alfa Orionis) nebula by Giuseppe Donatiello on Flickr, Public Domain.

Hibernation Industries

Hiya folks.

As you can probably see, our attempts to return from hiatus have not been all that successful. I fear that here at Liberation Industries we were run pretty ragged even before we had to work like dogs through this shocking period of history, so unfortunately we haven’t had the time we need to get those episodes out there.

For now though, we are alright. Though stressed and exhausted we all remain in good health, and we hope that wherever you’re listening from that you are too. As much as we’d love to be slinging the broadcasts to keep you company, I fear that’s not how it played out, and we’ll reassess in the next little while as to how the project will continue.

We will have the Skyfarer conclusion to you as soon as we can manage, and then keep the site in the freezer for a bit until we can figure out a balance that’s sustainable. Our backlog will remain accessible for the foreseeable, so failing all else I guess you can listen to our scratchy but fun early broadcasts.

For those wishing to follow along, we have not left the TTRPG sphere completely, so stay tuned to Whimsy and Metaphor’s Twitch and our Twitter for some irregular gaming and event information.

Stay safe out there folks.



Skyfarer Ep 1: Ramming Speed Pt 1

After a much needed break, the wild eyed explorers at Liberation Industries make their triumphant return with this episode, where we play Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor’s Skyfarer, a delirious tabletop jaunt into Failbetter Games’ Sunless Skies universe. With the captain refusing to leave their quarters, can the crew of the Aeschylus’ Turtle escape their sky-mad pursuer and carry out their superior’s cryptic demands?

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Pic is Betelgeuse Alfa Orionis) nebula by Giuseppe Donatiello on Flickr, Public Domain.

Liberation Hiatus!

Heya listeners!

Here at Liberation Industries, shocking as it sounds, we do occasionally do other things.

So with Lee and Sy skipping the country and Paddy having to make a bunch of theatre to make… well we’re going to need August to ourselves if you don’t mind.

Y’all stay metal, we’ll be back to polluting your airwaves soon enough.

Green Light by darkday on flickr CCA.jpg

Green Light by darkday on flickr CC A

Fuck Armageddon Ep 2: Antarctica Burns Pt 2

Thwarted at every turn by the monsters and temptations unleashed  by Lesser Satan, our arse kicking punk heroes prepare for the final showdown the only way they know how… by jacking an icebreaker using weapons they improvised from everyday objects.

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If you want to tell Armageddon to fuck off with us, you can get all the materials you need from Machine Age Productions! Check it out!


Pic is McMurdo Base Antarctica by eutrophicationhypoxia on Flickr, CC A.

Fuck Armageddon Ep 1: Antarctica Burns Pt 1

In the barely populated darkness of the Antarctic winter, an array of desperately weird station support staff get a splatterpunk shock with the opening of a Hell Portal and the subsequent demonic invasion. But if the world ends in McMurdo Sound… will anybody even notice?

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This session is powered by the ever spectacular Machine Age Productions’ gnarly punk splatterfest, Fuck Armageddon. Chug your Badassium, grab your friends and stomp some fuckin’ demons.


Pic is McMurdo Station, Antarctica by eutrophication&hypoxia on Flickr, CC A