Happy New Year!

And a grand Festivus to you all from the team here at Liberation Industries.

Got a couple of little bits of news for you now that dread 2017 (which crazy cult was it that predicted the end times for this year?) has finally borne down upon us. The first is, as prophesied, our early Apocalypse World sessions are due to be stricken from the internet due to our inconsistent approach to web hosting and inability to pay more than the bare minimum. Shouldn’t happen with anything we deployed after that, but if you want ’em, now is the time to grab ’em.

The second piece of news is that this darling New Year weather has not killed us yet, so we’ll be coming at you with Werewolf over the next few weeks with a spooky as can be return to the Devil John Moulton after that.

And as a New Year gift Dandy, who plays Sleeves in our Crescent Coast Werewolf game, has drawn these super cute chibis of Alex, Ava and Sleeves, the three teenage lycanthropes currently terrorizing the northern New South Wales coastline. So enjoy.




  1. Bryn

    I suppose I’m a little late to the party and all that, but I thought I’d drop a comment anyway. In my endless search for nearly nonexistent Werewolf the Apocalypse AP podcasts, I came across your Werewolf the Forsaken game and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I like the slice of life approach to WoD…it’s a nice break from the often grand themes and overarching plots that are generally found in that setting (although I have nothing against such things).
    Having never played the NWoD version of Werewolf (although Classic Werewolf is essentially my favorite RPG system of all time) I had a question of sorts as well: what are your thoughts on the differences between the two, both mechanically and thematically, assuming you have played both of them?
    Anyway. Thanks for making your shenanigans available to the internet, and keep it up!


    • quorganism

      Ah, thanks for dropping a line Bryn. Sorry for the tardy response, crap internet out this way, but its good to hear from you! I’ve only ever GM’d NWOD, and most of my knowledge of CWoD comes from Vampire, but I’ll throw my hat in anyway.

      I’d say generally NWoD rules are more streamlined, less rolling involved, less tooing and froing on any given action. 2nd Ed has moved to a more intensive system with the Conditions layer added, but it really is a toolbox; ignore whatever you feel like, and you have the option to simplify anything that seems interesting but not worth spending a full combat on. There’s good stuff, so I’d recommend Forsaken 2nd Ed purely for Social Maneuvering and Down and Dirty combat, though there’s a load of good stuff in there even for the Apocalypse players.

      As for themes and tone, there’s a lot of overlap; both focus on outsider cultures, with recurring themes of family, honour and body horror. You can get great stories out of any of these (we mostly use family and rail against honour), and Werewolf is such a rich setting you almost have to choose a focus to make it work.

      For a point of difference, I usually say that Apocalypse has a slightly more clear cut morality, whereas Forsaken goes for a more individualistic and paranoid feel. Where in CWoD you can battle Wyrm agents, Pentex Freaks and Black Spiral Dancers and go home feeling like a noble knighht, in Forsaken there’s a solid chance that your main rivals are the shifty Forsaken pack over the next ridge, and that’s before you get to the possibility of the competing religion offered by the Pure or the fact your sweet cousin could be infested with spirits or Hosts. Maybe more of a deliberate localised focus – NWoD made a point of mostly shedding CWoD’s global conspiracies – but you can run Apocalypse that way too, which are the kind of stories we like.

      Happy to chat about this more, and glad to hear your enjoying the show; there’s plenty more slice of life where that came from!



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