Hibernation Industries

Hiya folks.

As you can probably see, our attempts to return from hiatus have not been all that successful. I fear that here at Liberation Industries we were run pretty ragged even before we had to work like dogs through this shocking period of history, so unfortunately we haven’t had the time we need to get those episodes out there.

For now though, we are alright. Though stressed and exhausted we all remain in good health, and we hope that wherever you’re listening from that you are too. As much as we’d love to be slinging the broadcasts to keep you company, I fear that’s not how it played out, and we’ll reassess in the next little while as to how the project will continue.

We will have the Skyfarer conclusion to you as soon as we can manage, and then keep the site in the freezer for a bit until we can figure out a balance that’s sustainable. Our backlog will remain accessible for the foreseeable, so failing all else I guess you can listen to our scratchy but fun early broadcasts.

For those wishing to follow along, we have not left the TTRPG sphere completely, so stay tuned to Whimsy and Metaphor’s Twitch and our Twitter for some irregular gaming and event information.

Stay safe out there folks.



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