Apocalypse World Ep 5: Maniacs of the Frozen City

It is said that in the Golden Age of legend, if one spoke the right magic words into the contraption at the golden arched food hall, then food would rain forth into your vehicle, more than it was safe to eat. Dent the Faceless, Pedro the Marmot and October the Skinner must have chosen the wrong words, because all they got was a berserk clown trying to kill them with a chainsaw. Joined this session by Barbariana the Gunlugger, they must fight their way clear of the deep-fryer of death!

Apocalypse World Ep 5: Maniacs of the Frozen City

Apocalypse World was written by Vincent Baker, and has exploded onto the rpg scene like nothing else in the last few years. Read it. Seriously.

16496241915_2014387252_o (1)

Pic is Snow Exchange by Corey Templeton on Flickr, CC A/N$/ND

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