Apocalypse World Ep 7: Miraclemakers of the Frozen City pt 2

After an attempt to mollify the usually violent Shingles with a bath of psychic gravy, the chill sun rises over what may be the greatest sheet metal heist the Frozen City has seen since the Golden Age. New arrivals Lemma the Savvyhead and Birdie the Hocus make their move on the status quo, and along with Dent the Faceless, Barbariana the Gunlugger, Pedro the Marmot and October the ill-fated Skinner… there’s only one way that ever seems to end.


AW 7 Miraclemakers of the Frozen City pt 2


This is a broadcast of our game of Apocalypse World by Vincent Baker. Most of the last few years has been Powered by the Apocalypse, so if you’re not on the bandwagon yet now is the time.


16496241915_2014387252_o (1)

Pic is Snow Exchange by Corey Templeton on Flickr, CC A/N$/ND

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