Apocalypse World Ep 9: Mutants of the Frozen City

The grim chill of the Frozen City lays its claim on yet another victim, and Pedro the Marmot leaves our stage. Those who remain, then, are stuck with the unsavoury job of coping with the legacy of chaos he left behind.

Barbariana the Gunlugger and Lemma the Savvyhead join forces to elevate their destructive potential to alarming new heights, while October the Skinner struggles to keep the revelatory frenzy of her followers in check. Dent the Faceless finds himself once again drawn into the role of warlord he changed so much to escape, while from Mother Superior’s fortress comes an Angel who answers only to “the Doctor”…


AW 9 Mutants of the Frozen City


Apocalypse World was developed by Vincent Baker. More info can be found here http://apocalypse-world.com/. Second Edition is underway, so get excited!


16496241915_2014387252_o (1)

Pic is Snow Exchange by Corey Templeton on flickr, CC A/N$/ND

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