Apocalypse World Ep 10: Multitudes of the Frozen City

Our gang of community minded murderers each take a little time for projects of their own.

Lemma the Savvyhead and Barbariana the Gunlugger gather supplies to build their war machine, while the Doctor engages in some disastrous reconnaissance against the Undying. October the Skinner’s followers are faced with death, and Dent the Faceless’ are faced with taxes; so gravity draws us slowly but inescapably to the Lake, and to Mother Superior…

Apocalypse World, by Vincent Baker and Lumpley Games, is ace. Do it.

AW 10 Multitudes of the Frozen City

16496241915_2014387252_o (1)

Pic  is Snow Exchange by Corey Templeton, CC A/N$/ND

Theme music is Analog Boys, by T Gamel via freesfx.co.uk. Cause y’all deserve a shout out.


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