Apocalypse World Retrospective: Otherpocalypses

Well then folks, that was it. The last gasp of our Apocalypse World game, Frozen City. I feel like now that we have produced the greatest ever piece of post apocalyptic fiction ever, its time for a change. George Miller, I’ll be expecting those Oscars in the mail.

Its been utterly wild, its been weird, its been feral (just like the fantastic McDaldno taught me not so long ago). I love Apocalypse World, and though dropping newbies in what might be called the deep end felt like a risk initially, our little ducks swam on just fine.

I mean, they destroyed the paltry remnants of any civilization the Frozen City had been able to hang onto, but… hey, it was good while it lasted. I feel like with new catchphrases along the lines of “weird highlighted episode”, “NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH” and “the Winter of our discuntent” now circulating happily in our vernacular, I would say that the end of the end of the world was a reasonable price to pay.

Anyway, I felt like you might get lonely for post apocalyptic shenanigan now that we’ve hit our little finale, so I figured I’d point you in the direction of some of the stuff I was devouring while the Frozen City was crystalising like lake water in my brain.

If you like Actual Play Podcasts, I would recommend the following for their rather charming post-apocalyptic playouts.


The Jankcast‘s Apocalypse World sessions, both the original run of Leviathan and the follow up Black Diamond make great listens, both as great stories and fun gaming groups. Its got everything; comings of age, lost love, and the fires of revolution. They also play AW’s younger siblings, Monsterhearts and Dream Askew (McDaldno again!) which are great, and you’ve probably already heard me ranting about.

You Don’t Meet in an Inn are a charming bunch from Canada with a taste for playing more obscure RPGs, Apocalypse World and Monsterhearts once again among them. I would say that their take is a little more classic than that of the Jankcast, complete with scooter gangs, fuel wars and surprisingly jovial cannibals. Don’t let that put you off though; their gloriously awkward senses of humour put them in a realm of their own.

If you don’t mind a stash of text, Derendel’s long running Apocalypse World game The Climbers is one of rpg.net’s jewels. It has also influenced me to include ‘retire as Conan’ as one of my long term life goals.

Then there was this. But I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about this any more than I have.


Anyway, hope y’all are still having fun. All the best, and I won’t see you all in our upcoming casts. Cause that’s not really how this medium works.



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