Werewolf the Forsaken Ep 8: Mythic History for Dummies Pt 2


The shenanigans forge on as Crescent Head teens Alex, Ava and Sleeves continually bemoan the fact that their elder shapeshifting murder machines struggle to condense an eternity long history of struggle into Cliff’s Notes. Despite this, and despite a ten Weet Bix breakfast, the pack finally go hunting. Their target is a Totem, the raven-spirit Watches Above.

If you’ve ever wondered how werewolves go about fighting against smack-talking ravens, then don’t miss this episode of Crescent Coast.

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Werewolf the Forsaken 2nd Edition is a product of Onyx Path Publishing, under license from White Wolf Games.

Pic is human-not-kind, by Dimitri dF on Flickr. CC A/N$/ND


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