Fiasco Ep 2: The Pit Pt 2

Special guests Tim and Mel join Liberation Industries for our first Halloween Special!

As the hull falls apart, the Saddleback is boarded by hostile forces, and the Box gives more of its ominous gifts, everything seems lost for the crew and civilians at the bottom of the North Sea. So… why does all this feel like it is going to plan?

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For this Fiasco game we used the Objective Zebra playbook, available from the Bully Pulpit Games website. Fiasco is an old favourite for the Liberation Industries crew, and as Lovecraft enthusiasts the nods to The Temple in this playset made us very happy.

Additional soundeffects by, who also provide out theme music, tgamel’s Analogue Boys. Check ’em out!


Pic is Submarine Moon by Eric Lewis on Flickr, CC A/SA

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