Shadowrun Anarchy Ep 3: Total Johnsons Pt 2

Having dispatched the ghouls dogging their trail, Kristoph the Accountant, Jury the Mechanic and Ren the Hotelier set out to clear their names and muddy the reputations of their rivals. They’ll need to hire a hacker, raid a corporate office and escape in a frantic chase sequence.

Anyone would think we were playing Shadowrun.

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To sink your teeth into Lee’s written works, head to Whimsy and Metaphor. Second season of the Ferryman’s Apprentice is live, and its a kicker!

Shadowrun Anarchy is a product of Catalyst Game labs. Check it out.

Shadowrun - Seattle - Liqueur Felix A N$

Pic is Shadowrun Seattle by Liqueur_Felix on FLickr, CC A N$. 

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