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Attractive Youtube Content!

Heya folks!

Its been maybe a year worth of trying, hard slog and strangely cursed content that was just desperate to never be released into the world, but we have our Youtube channel up and running with both some epic Ruralpunk content and our human faces! Look at those expressive mugs!

Additionally, it features some behind the scenes footage of Paddy making cocktails, just in case you were wondering how the Liberation Industries crew got the way they are.

More content lands tomorrow, so get excited!



Heya folks!

For those of you who don’t know, Melbourne International Games Week is running this Sunday, and in addition to a robust catalogue of board games that you can play from the comfort of your own living room (that’s right! It’s online this year! Thanks, the Plague!) they have also recruited the team from Arcanacon to get some epic tabletop rpgs running.

So come check out some awesome Australian made indie games, including Storybrewers’ Villagesong, an early version of our pal Logan’s Preparing for Paris, or the much awaited Goblins of Zarth!

Not only that, but Paddy and Lee will be appearing on a panel about being the best rpgamer you can be, and you wouldn’t wanna miss that now would you?

Details and Sign Up here!