Soth Ep 1: Soth by Soth West Pt 1

With the help of shiny guests Josh and Monique, Liberation Industries takes its strange stylings to Soth, Steve Hickey’s game of murderous small town cults.

For all of you who have ever fantasised about murdering your neighbours, then dysfunctional disciples Armand, Dorothea and Ralph are living your dream the streets of Cold War Ashland, MA. At this stage its hard to tell whether it will be the trail of evidence they leave or their own instability that spells their doom.

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You can find more of Josh’s shenanigans through the highly amusing improv group Roll for Intelligence, or keep up to date with Monique’s projects through her Twitter.


Pic is Whispers of the Past by Ajay Goel on Flickr, CC A.

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