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Planescape Ep 8: Crunchy Cave Lobster Pt 1

With some of their usual adventure buddies on sabbatical, Carson the Half Elf Gunslinger, Urdan the Wood Elf Ranger and Domingo the Anthropig Mathematician set out on a planar jaunt to rob a Duergar strongpoint. Ideally causing as much chaos and destruction as they can in the process.

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These Planescape episodes are currently operating on Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, with a generous helping of random generators from across DnD’s highly diverse history.


Pic is P1016484 by Jeremy on Flickr. CC A.

More Shadows! More Running!

Hey hey imaginary listeners!

We are taking the Liberation Industries magic into the modern age with the help of Whimsy and Metaphor, and taking our teeth to Cass K’s fantastic Shadowrun/Blades in the Dark hybrid, Karma in the Dark!

The show will be airing on Twitch at 7pm tomorrow (Sunday 1st April), Australian Eastern Standard Time. The first session will be mostly world creation, but for the die-hards among you I look forward to seeing you there!

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Shadowrun - Seattle - Liqueur Felix A N$

Shadowrun – Seattle – Liqueur Felix A N$