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Don’t Rest the Dead Ep 3: Don’t Rest the Dead Pt 3

With their exhaustion building and their ties to the world of the living growing ever weaker, the two Corax agents make the final descent into the surreal guts of the haunted factory, ready to face whatever echoes of the past and present remain.

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In case the title didn’t make it completely obvious, these sessions were played using Evil Hat’s Don’t Rest Your Head, a tension-pumping horror game of insomnia, delusion and unreality. Definitely worth checking out.

Incidentally, in the little debrief at the end of the session we spend a fair bit of time talking about a little module by Jason Morningstar, The Rooftop Necropolis of the Blood Mummy, which is also worth a read if you’re in the mood for a unique fantasy setting.


Pic is memento mori by kaelin on Flickr, CC A SA.