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Wraith Ep 2: No Evil Thing Pt 2

With the smuggling drop turned Spectre ambush raising more questions than answers, unquiet spirits Riddle, Emerich and Minerva start to dig into the underground of Edinburgh’s Renegade ghosts.

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Wraith the Oblivion, aka the Big Grey Book of Depressing, is part of the Old World of Darkness range. The White Wolf that produced it is about as dead as our PCs. And we’re using a hacked Chronicles of Darkness engine, cause its easier.


Pic is memento mori by kaelin on Flickr, CC A SA.

Buy Lee’s Book!

For those of you following along at home, you may have recognised that the Liberation Industries crew frequently leap headlong into creative endeavours, followed by screams, explosions and a great deal of boozy rambling close at their heels.

But after a spectacular chrysalis, the first instalment of Lee’s book series, The Ferryman’s Apprentice, is now available for you to possess! So for those among you who prefer something with physical mass, its your lucky day; head over to Amazon and check this out!

You can find more ways to support Lee at their website, Whimsy and Metaphor, including the book in both electronic and physical format, so… well , frankly, the more you support Lee the higher the number of Jury the Rigger’s clones you all get to meet. Ultimately its win-win.

Keep on rockin’, listeners (and readers).

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