August’s Grave

Greetings imaginary listeners!

Well, we’ve put another season in the grave with a flurry of wolf teeth, so for those of you scattered across the world, I hope you have a joyous return to Spring or a grim and terrifying descent into Autumn, depending on your geography.

We’ve been hearing a lot from the kids from Crescent Head lately (or if you haven’t, you should be), but as the USA begins its annual journey through the dying time we figured now is as good a time as any to shake out our copies of the Key of Solomon, get our demonology on, and crack out some occult Western with The Devil John Moulton.

Last months episodes were a little short, which as a positive allowed for some vital archiving. Given this is a refresher time for some of our hosting, we may lose access to some episodes for a time; if you have any trouble making a download, please get in touch and we’ll get you sorted out.

Until then, enjoy the Weird West.

Sacrifice by Paul aka howzey AN$ND

Pic is Sacrifice by Paul aka Howzey on Flickr, CC A/N$/ND

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