The Devil John Moulton Ep 0: Scut Work for the Demiurge

With the help of special guests Trentacles, Estee, Seb and a bottle of Kraken, the Liberation Industries team get their Satan on with Nick Wedig’s The Devil John Moulton.

In the interests of appropriate data to support this developing system, this episode focuses on the Devil John’s excellent character creation minigame. For those of you who would prefer to skip to the story, a summary will be provided with the next episode.

So grab a shot of your best sipping whiskey and enjoy the shenanigans that ensue.

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The Devil John Moulton is published by Nick Wedig under a creative commons license, and is available on Drivthru RPG.

Gunslinger by Kenneth Lu A

Pic is Gunslinger by Kenneth Lu on Flickr. CC A. 


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