The Hell Tithe Ep 1: Faeries, Pingers and Deep-fried Tape Pt 1

Every seven years, the elves must offer one of their own as sacrifice to the Devil on Halloween.

Special guest Seb returns to Liberation Industries for this Halloween special, in which we play The Hell Tithe; Jason Morningstar’s game of faeries, the Devil and fried fish. Ambiguously supernatural fast-food workers Jess, John and Steve must negotiate this terrifying time of year, with only their courage, a deep fryer and a pocketful of uppers between them…

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Jason Morningstars’ works are available through We have made extensive use of Fiasco in the past, so they’ve more than earned our endorsement.

We also used the resolution cards designed by Matthijs Holter’s charming freeform game Archipelago, available in English here.

Astaroth Sigil Background by eleraama CC A SA

Pic is Astaroth Sigil Background by eleraama on Flickr, CC A SA.

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