The Hell Tithe Ep 2: Faeries, Pingers and Deep-fried Tape Pt 2

The Liberation Industries Halloween Special continues, with the time to pay the Hell Tithe drawing closer…

In the leadup to Tweet’s awesome Halloween Party the faerie population of Wilmington make their opening moves to spare their kin; Jess struggles to convince Steve of his hidden heritage, while John tries to bargain with his deadly Night Court compatriots. Meanwhile, dating remains as complicated as ever…

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Jason Morningstars’ works are available through We have made extensive use of Fiasco in the past, so they’ve more than earned our endorsement.

We also used the resolution cards designed by Matthijs Holter’s charming freeform game Archipelago, available in English here.

Astaroth Sigil Background by eleraama CC A SA

Pic is Astaroth Sigil Background by eleraama on Flickr, CC A SA.

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