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Planescape Ep 13: Orders of My Own Pt 2

A brutal gang ambush becomes an even more brutal bear-claw massacre, as Carson, Valanthe, Hompet, Urdan, and Domingo tear through the competition in a haze of cordite, lycanthropy and what looks like cambo. Their nemesis is in their sights… but the question isn’t if they catch him. Its what Domingo is having for dinner.

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Another round in the Moebius Cage with Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. Sure you can use it to play anything, but those things are probably going to share the Hotline Miami soundtrack.

cooking pot

Pic is Cooking by Jack Sem on http://www.semtrio.com, CC A.

Planescape Ep 5: Anarchists Anonymous Pt 1

After a string of downright creepy dreams, our intrepid heroes beat feet onto the weird streets of Sigil. While not enduring apparently random encounters, Carson the Half Elf Gunslinger goes to the murder museum, Valanthe the Wood Elf Druid assists some poultry in need, and Domingo the Anthropig Mathematician does some paperwork.

They call them Adventurers for a reason kids.

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This session features Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. It doesn’t talk much, but it is most certainly present in the studio and contributing.

Pic is Underground by Chelmsfordblue on Flickr, CC A.