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Planescape Ep 15: Metal Chefs Pt 2

Braving the terrors and wonders of the Plane of Animals and Agriculture is no easy task, even for seasoned adventurers like Domingo and Urdan. Will they be able to face down salad veg intent on their lives and still make it home with their Chillybin of Holding?

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In this episode we commit crimes against Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, and their corporate overlords, some kind of beach-bum sorcerer coven.

cooking pot

Pic is Cooking by Jack Sem on /www.semtrio.com, CC A.

Planescape Ep 10: Epic Undead Castle Pt 1

Occupied by their usual state of mingled confusion and hangover, Carson the half-elf gunslinger, Urdan the wood elf ranger, Domingo the anthropig mathematician and new arrival Hompet the stone skinned (and super jacked) earth Genasi decide that its time to get some moolah by dragging an escaped bountyhead back to Sigil. From Ravenloft. Surely its not as grim as everyone says…

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This session was powered by Dungeons and Dragon’s Fifth Edition, distributed by Wizards of the Coast.

dunkeld cathedral by tom parnell on flickr cc a

Pic is Dunkeld Cathedral by Tom Parnell on Flickr, CC A Sharealike.

Planescape Ep 5: Anarchists Anonymous Pt 1

After a string of downright creepy dreams, our intrepid heroes beat feet onto the weird streets of Sigil. While not enduring apparently random encounters, Carson the Half Elf Gunslinger goes to the murder museum, Valanthe the Wood Elf Druid assists some poultry in need, and Domingo the Anthropig Mathematician does some paperwork.

They call them Adventurers for a reason kids.

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This session features Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. It doesn’t talk much, but it is most certainly present in the studio and contributing.

Pic is Underground by Chelmsfordblue on Flickr, CC A.